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Individual Income Tax Rates


OverNot OverRate
$500,001and over37%

Married Filing Jointly

OverNot OverRate
$600,001and over37%

Standard Deduction

Married Filing Jointly$24,000
Head of Household$18,000
Married Filing Separately$12,000
Additional - Blind or Elderly 

Personal Exemption

Deduction for each taxpayer spouse and dependent$0 (New)

Exemptions are still used in some calculations but a deductible amount is no longer given.

Estimated Tax Payments

Taxpayers are generally required to pay in through withholding or estimated tax payments the lesser of 100% (or 110% if AGI is greater than $150,000) or prior-year tax liability or 90% of current-year tax liability.

Capital Gains Rates

Short-Term Capital Gains  
Held 12 months or lessUp to the marginal ordinary %
Long-Term Capital Gains  
Ordinary Rate 10%0%
Ordinary Rate 15%0%
Income $425,800 or less for single, $479,000 or less for joint15%
Income $425,801 or more for single, $479,001 or more for joint20%
Depreciation recapture25%