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Estate, Gift, & Other Taxes

Annual Exemptions

Estate Exemption$5,490,000
% on Excess over Base40%
Gift Exemption$5,490,000
% on Excess over Base40%

Annual Gift Tax Exclusion

Gifts / Person$15,000

Annual Healthcare FSA Limit

FSAs (flexible spending)$2,600
Allowed to roll over $500 per year.

Health Savings Accounts



Maximum deduction / contribution$3,400$6,750
Minimum deduction / contribution$1,300$2,600
Age 55-64 Catch Up$1,000 
Maximum annual out-of-pocket$6,550$13,100


Child Tax Credit under 17$1,000 / child
Child Dependent Care Credit$3,000
              Two Children (max)$6,000
Adoption Credit (subject to phaseout)$13,570
American Opportunity Tax Credit
(extended through 2017, subject to phaseout)
The Lifetime Learning Credit
(for each additional year of post-secondary education)
Non-Business Energy Property Credit
(qualified energy-efficient improvements)
maximum of $500
since 2006
Residential Energy Efficient Property
(qualified solar, fuel cell, wind, geothermal)
30% of expenditures
until 2017

Equipment & Depreciation

Section 179 Maximum Deduction(Equipment & Depreciation)$510,000

*As of 12/31/17 and figures are subject to change.